Bat Boy Auditions

Bat Boy: The Musical

TIME: Wednesday, March 13th at 6:00pm or Saturday, March 16th at 10:00am (auditioners need only attend one day)

PERFORMANCE DATES: July 17th-28th (11 performances) 

Auditions will consist of singing excerpts of songs from the musical, as listed below, and cold readings from sections of the book.  All roles are singing roles with solos and chorus parts.  Dance requirements are minimal. All parts are available.

Erik Perkins, Stage Director, and Dominic Williams, Musical Director will oversee auditions and casting.  For more information, or if you would like to be considered for the band (paid stipends) or be part of the design & tech crew, please email


Character Breakdown:

The links following the characters are to the accompaniment backing tracks for the excerpts that may be used at audition. (Performances will be accompanied by a live band.) The [PDF] link is to the excerpt's vocal score.  Ages are approximate and casting is flexible.

BAT BOY (male, late teen*-young adult) - Half bat, half man. Vocal range: Bb2-C#5.  "Comfort and Joy "   [PDF]

SHELLEY (female, late teen*) - Vocal range: G#3-F4. "Inside Your Heart"   [PDF]

DR. PARKER (male, age 35+) - Vocal range: Bb2-A4.  "Dance With Me"   [PDF]

MEREDITH PARKER (female, age 35+) - Vocal range: F3-F5. "A Home for You"  [PDF]


The following ensemble roles may be any gender, age 14 and up*:

SHERIFF REYNOLDS (Adult) - Vocal range: C#3-E4.
RICK (teen*/young adult) - Vocal range: E3-Cb5.
RUTHIE (teen*/young adult)
RON (teen*/young adult)
MAGGIE (adult)
LORRAINE (adult)
MRS. TAYLOR (adult) - Vocal range: E3-F4.
MR. DILLON (adult)
BUD (adult)
NED (adult)
REVEREND HIGHTOWER (adult) - Vocal range: Eb3-Bb4.
PAN - Vocal range: Eb3-A4.

Multiple ensemble roles will be played by one performer.

Those auditioning for an ensemble role should prepare one, or both, of the following songs:
"Christian Charity"  [PDF}

"Children, Children"  [PDF]

Youtube link to playlist of London Cast recording.

* "Bat Boy, the Musical" is a very dark comedy with mature themes, violence, and potentially disturbing material. Parental guidance is strongly suggested, and parental consent will be required, for performers under the age of 18.