Board of Directors, Staff & Standing Committees

Belfast Maskers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Its finances, operations, and holdings are overseen by a board of directors. For more information, please email


Belfast Maskers Board of Directors

President: Tom Maycock
Vice President: Andrea Wood-Butler
Secretary: Cassidy Small
Treasurer: Beth Whitman

Scott Taylor, Director of Development
Scott Anthony Smith
Julia Olson

Building & Events Manager:

Chuck Quappe

Finance Committee

Sasha Kutsy
Tom Maycock
Beth Whitman

Building & Grounds Committee

Chair: Beth Whitman
Sasha Kutsy
Linda Marie
Greg Marsanskis
Brian Ross

Marketing Committee

Chair: Erik Perkins
Abby Boucher
Doug Goodman
Gwyneth Sauvage
Cassidy Small

Production Planning Committee

Chair: Cassidy Small

Costume Management Committee

Chair: Sandy Hall

Nomination Committee

Chair: Scott Anthony Smith
Julia Olson
Wendy Schweikert
Sasha Kutsy
Erik Perkins

New committee members are always welcome!  Committees meet monthly or as needed. Please fill out the form below or email for more information.