Board of Directors

Belfast Maskers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Its finances, operations, and holdings are overseen by a board of directors. For more information, please email


Belfast Maskers Board of Directors

President: Scott Taylor
Vice Presidents: Beth Whitman & Tom Maycock
Secretary: Cassidy Small
Treasurer: Andrea Wood-Butler

Julia Olson
Scott Anthony Smith


Finance Committee

Sasha Kutsy
Tom Maycock
Beth Whitman 

Building & Grounds Committee

Chair: Beth Whitman
Sasha Kutsy
Linda Marie
Greg Marsanskis
Brian Ross 

Marketing Committee

Chair: Erik Perkins
Abby Boucher
Doug Goodman
Cassidy Small
Gwyneth Sauvage 

Production Planning Committee

Chair: Cassidy Small


Costume Management Committee

Chair: Sandy Hall


New committee members are always welcome!  Committees meet monthly or as needed. Please fill out the form below or email for more information.