Theatre Nouveau's "The Shakespeare Lonely Heart's Club"

Shakespeare finds his way into four short plays about loneliness, friendship, and redemption!


$20.00 per person


2h 15min

About this experience

Theatre Nouveau
The Shakespeare Lonely Hearts Club

by Suzanne Ramczyk
May 31 to June 9

  Theatre Nouveau presents its first production for 2024, The Shakespeare Lonely Hearts Club. This new piece, a collection of four short plays, addresses loneliness, particularly among seniors. The four categories of Shakespeare’s plays – the histories, the comedies, the tragedies and the romances – provide the overall structure for this quartet.
  In two of the pieces, the comedy and the romance, two elderly women living in a senior residential community, navigate friendship and create new ways to counteract their loneliness. In the history, a divorced couple runs into each other after many years apart. Performing Shakespeare was a significant part of their former relationship, but can the Bard’s work bring them back together? In the tragedy, which takes place during a tumultuous civil war, an isolated elderly woman must find the strength to carry off what could be her final self-surpassing act.
Directed by Suzanne Ramczyk

This is a Theatre Nouveau production, not presented by Belfast Maskers. For more information about Theatre Nouveau, or this show, visit or email