Building and Events Manager

This person will be responsible for the general day-to-day maintenance of the Basil Burwell Theater (full building), as well as the coordination of outside events (events not sponsored specifically by the Belfast Maskers) hosted within our space. Please see below for a full breakdown on the responsibilities expected for this role. 

*Please note, it will be expected that the BEM and the AD are in constant communication with one another to ensure the Basil Burwell space is being utilized and maintained appropriately, and to ensure there isn’t any unmanageable overlap in outside events and Maskers-sponsored events. While certain duties (such as calendar maintenance and ensuring the building is cleaned regularly) may fall specifically under one role, it is expected that the two will work together as needed to ensure all events run smoothly. 


**Please also note, the below responsibility lists are general expectations and may change over time as new needs are identified. 

Expected Responsibilities for the BEM:

  • Attend the monthly BOD meetings with a BEM report

  • BEM is ultimately responsible for the Maskers calendar, but should work closely with the AD to ensure the Maskers season is appropriately reserved/represented. Use of our space for the production of Maskers’ shows will have precedence over all other requests for use of our space.

  • Renters: 

    • Respond to rental inquiries

    • Send/save contracts to/from renters (contracts should then be provided to the BOD/Treasurer)

    • Maintain clear communication with renters

    • Confirm any needs with the renters and find volunteers as needed. This includes (but is not limited to):

      • Box Office

      • Programs

      • Concessions

      • Lighting/Sound

    • Confirm any marketing needs for the event (should then work with the Marketing Committee as needed)

    • Greet renters on the day of the event

    • Follow up with renters at the end of the event to ensure everything is returned to its original condition

    • Ensure the space is locked up when the event is over

    • Collect rental fees and deposits and give them to the Treasurer

  • Recruit rental events (should work with the Marketing Committee as needed)

  • Building Maintenance: 

    • Find people to assist with seasonal maintenance, such as leaf clean-up, snow removal, etc.

    • Either fix or find someone to fix small maintenance issues such as changing lightbulbs, making sure there is salt for icy/slippery walkways, etc. 

    • Communicate with the Maskers’ cleaner (Ahnna Beane) to ensure the space is clean, bathrooms are stocked, etc. prior to any event taking place in the Basil Burwell Theater (this includes the Maskers’ shows, but the BEM should ensure the AD is aware of when any cleaning is expected to take place and work with the AD as needed)

    • For larger maintenance needs (such as major improvements, electrical needs, etc.), the BEM should work with the Building and Grounds Committee

  • Organizing and/or being the point of contact for where things go in the building and any landscaping changes

  • Communicate with all necessary individuals when the lockbox code changes

  • The ability to work with theatrical personalities and smooth things over.

  • Review voicemail and emails, and respond accordingly or forward to the appropriate person (AD, Board, etc.)

This position will report to the Board of Directors and be paid a yearly stipend of $8500.

If you are interested in becoming our Building and Events Manager, or are interested in further information about the position, please contact Beth Whitman at 207-212-7554 or email us at info@belfastmaskers.com