Gary Hinte

Gary Edward Hinte was born in 1933 on the stage of the Liberty Theatre in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His mother was a dancer and his father, the stage manager. Their marriage did not last very long but Gary’s interest in theatre has spanned eight decades. He moved to Los Angeles as a young man and pursued his art career first as an artist to the decorating trade then in a series of studios producing paintings and print making for international artists, all the while working in community theatre as an advocation.

He eventually found his way to the Foothill Youth Summer Theatre where he designed and produced scenery for fifteen years for all the popular musicals of his day. This very successful company had a long run under the directorship of Barry Silverman who eventually moved on to direct the South Coast Symphony Orchestra. After working as a scenic designer for Grosh studios, a company engaged in the production of backings for community theatres, he and his wife Carol retired, first in Santa Fe, New Mexico and then in Mazatlan Mexico for some years before moving to Maine. He searched vainly for a venue in scenic design that might challenge him and lived here for over six years before joining the Maskers company.